LeBron Collided Head-First with a Camera and Received a Nasty Lens-Shaped Gash to the Head (Video + Pics)

lebron collided with camera game 4 lebron gash

LeBron James suffered a pretty nasty gash to the head during Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night. A foul by Golden State’s Andrew Bogut under the basket caused James to lose his balance, and he went crashing head-first into the camera of NBA Entertainmnet’s Peter Winik.

At that point, all the haters probably figured LeBron was just milking the situation in an attempt to get a flagrant called on Bogut. (Okay, I was one of those haters.) But then he took one hand off his head, and you saw a bunch of blood on that hand, and ABC gave you a nice closeup of the camera lens-shaped gash, so the haters were like, “oh.”

Here’s video of the play and the aftermath:

And here are some stills of the aforementioned closeup:

lebron james gash 2

lebron james gash 3

In his halftime interview, LeBron said the trainers were able to close up the gash with glue. However, in his postgame he said it did require stitches after all—though he was wearing a hat and decline to say how many.

Of course, if it had been Michael Jordan who had crashed into a camera underneath the basket in the NBA Finals, he would have been bleeding everywhere because the camera probably would have sliced off a six-inch chunk of his scalp. He also would have had pneumonia and mono at the time, and the gash would have required 300 stitches. But Jordan would have kept playing while the doctor sewed him up, and he would have scored 64 points while Magic Johnson, Charles Barley, and Karl Malone triple-teamed him. Because Michael Jordan was the Greek god of basketball, LeBron is a little b*tch, and we’re supposed to compare everything they ever do, say, did, or said, right?

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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