Ric Flair Pumps Up Cavs Fans Prior to Game 4 (Video)

Ric Flair Game 4 NBA Finals

Ric Flair was in attendance for Game 4 of the NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on Thursday, trying to get the Cavs and their fans pumped up for a crucial battle with the Golden State Warriors.  Unfortunately, his presence wasn’t enough as the Cavs couldn’t keep up with the Warriors, eventually losing the game by a lopsided 21 points, 103-82.

So why didn’t Flair’s tactics work?  Probably because he tends to spread his sports allegiances too thin, across too many teams.  In the NFL, he’s been caught rooting for the San Francisco 49ers AND the Carolina Panthers. And in the NBA, he’s been seen in the corner of both the Charlotte Hornets, and now the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s no wonder his presence didn’t pump the team up.  How can you expect them to believe that he actually gives two craps about whether or not they win the game?

Either way, here’s Ric Flair’s attempt to pump up the Cavs fans prior to Game 4:

And here he is showing off some moves for the NBA on TNT guys:

Ric Flair’s widespread fandom is suddenly entering Drake territory.

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