Usher Sang the National Anthem for NBA Finals Game 4 (Video)


Prior to the tipoff of the NBA Finals Game 4, Usher took to the court to sing the US National Anthem. And because he’s a loyal patriot, he did so with a gold microphone. Just like our forefathers did.

Aside that gaudy display, he actually did a pretty good job with the notoriously difficult song. As for why Usher would make an appearance before a basketball game in Cleveland, it probably warrants mentioning that Usher is a partial owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here’s a clip of his performance. Please rise.

So far, the National Anthem performances were pretty terrible, with both Rascal Flatts and Carlos Santana and wife tying for the most terrible. So, that considered, Usher picked some pretty good acts to follow. I mean, when all else fails, trot out the gold microphone, and the audience will be eating out of the palm of your hand.

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