Hawks’ Game 5 Win Played on Wrigley Video Board During Rain Delay

Stanley Cup Game 5 - Wrigley Video Board

A lot of money was spent on Wrigley Field’s giant video board that made its debut for the Chicago Cubs’ 2015 season.

On Saturday, during a rain delay in their game against the Cincinnati Reds, the Cubs put their new investment to good use by televising Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals on it.  And it must have felt as though they got their money’s worth when they witnessed the Cubs fans in attendance at Wrigley cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks after Antoine Vermette scored the go-ahead goal early in the third period:

Wrigley erupted once more after the Hawks held off the Lightning for the remaining 18 minutes of the game to claim the 2-1 victory and a 3-2 series lead. And someone caught that on camera as well:

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals is set for Monday in Chicago, with the Hawks just one win away from hoisting their third cup in six years.

The Cubs also play at home against the Cleveland Indians on Monday. Unless there’s another rain delay, I doubt they’ll be putting the hockey game on the Wrigley video board again. But if that thing has a picture-in-picture feature, they may want to at least consider it.

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