LeBron James Schedule Between NBA Finals Games Is Ridiculous

LeBron James Schedule Between NBA Finals Games

LeBron James has led his team to the NBA Finals for five consecutive seasons now, and he’s played 183 minutes through the first four games of this year’s finals against the Golden State Warriors.  That’s a heck of a lot of basketball for LeBron, but he’s managed to avoid breaking down up to this point, averaging a ridiculous 35.8 points, 12 rebounds, and 8.3 assists per game during the Cavs’ current series against the Warriors—which is tied 2-2 heading into Game 5 tonight (8pm ET on ABC).

So how does LeBron do it?  With a strict between-games regimen that involves “minute-by-minute” treatments.  As per ESPN:

“Led by longtime personal trainer Mike Mancias, the four-time MVP’s 24-hour recovery program has minute-by-minute treatments that are microtuned to get the most use of his available time. For instance: James recently installed a cold tub in his Akron, Ohio, home so he can save the trip to Cleveland. This summer, James and Mancias located a liquid nitrogen cryotherapy chamber nearby, and James frequents the facility on off days to prep his body for the annual 100-game grind.”

Wondering what that “24-hour recovery program” looks like? You can take a look at the LeBron James schedule between NBA Finals games below:

LeBron James Schedule Between NBA Finals Games

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