These Bosnian Beachgoers Don’t Get How Frisbees Work (Video)


I would like to think that if my friends and I were on vacation, and we were completely humiliating ourselves by throwing frisbees the wrong way, someone would speak up. If the tables were turned, I wouldn’t clue them in, of course, but I would hope that most people are better than I am.

At a Bosnian beach, these two gentlemen thought frisbees would be a nice toy to help kill the time. It’s a shame they didn’t know how one worked. They forewent the whole “spinning” aspect of the device and just sorta tossed it like a wounded duck every time.

I mean, if they were going to do that, it didn’t really matter if the used a frisbee, a lunch box, or a desk chair. They all glide equally well if you don’t throw them correctly. Nonetheless, the men seem to be enjoying their labored game of catch, so who are we to judge?

Oh, that’s right. We’re the Internet. We can judge ANYTHING. Here’s the clip:


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