Angry Coyotes Fan Shoots Glendale Mayor with Taser…for Charity (Video)

angry coyotes fan shoots glendale mayor with taser

Last week, an angry Coyotes fan named Ronda Pearson earned 15 minutes of fame when she gave the mayor and city council of Glendale an epic tongue lashing after they voted to terminate her favorite hockey team’s lease on the Gila River Arena.

As I said at the time, her rant really didn’t make any sense. The issue was whether taxpayers should keep spending $7 million a year to run an arena for a pro sports team that can’t turn a profit, but all she talked about was how she supported the team and they did not. Honestly, if I were Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers, I probably would have told Pearson to kindly go you-know-what herself.

Fortunately for the citizens of Glendale, Mayor Weiers is classier than I am. Instead of telling Pearson off, he turned the situation into a way to raise money for charity.

Over the weekend he announced that he would let Pearson tase him if he could raise $10,000 for the 100 Club of Arizona, a charity that supports first responders. And when a group of Coyotes fans raised that money, Weiers remained true to his word.

Take a look:

Classy stuff from Mayor Weiers, and a valuable lesson for Coyotes fans. Maybe they can raise money for the Coyotes to keep them in Arizona by letting taxpayers tase members of the team’s front office?

Hat Tip – [12News Arizona]

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