LeBron Still Thinks He’s the World’s Best Player After Loss (Video)

LeBron James

LeBron James may not have been able to carry the Cavs past the Warriors in Game 5, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. In the Cavs loss, LeBron almost had a triple-double in just the first half of the game, and he proved to be the only constant in the Cavs’ offense.

So, yeah, in a press conference after the game, LeBron said he still likes Cleveland’s chances. Because he’s “the best player in the world.” And it’s safe to assume that he didn’t forget about Steph Curry when he said that.

Here’s a clip from the postgame press conference. It’s a good thing he didn’t say that he’s the best dresser in the NBA.

All the confidence in the world doesn’t change the fact that the Cavs are now down 3-2 in the series and facing elimination.

LeBron might not be wrong about being the best player, but the question is: Is that enough to feel good about the Cavs’ odds? I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday, when the two teams square off with the Warriors flirting with the title, and the Cavs looking to stay alive.

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