Matthew Dellavedova Was Playing Australian Rules Basketball Again in Game 5 (Video)

Matthew Dellavedova takes out Draymond Green again Australian Rules Basketball

After Game 3 of the NBA Finals, a lot of fans and commentators accused Cleveland’s Matthew Dellavedova of going for Draymond Green‘s knees, which of course would be a no good dirty thing to do.

Now, after Game 5, they’re saying he did it again.

Of course, Dellavedova isn’t actually that dirty. He’s a scrappy agitator, that’s for sure. He’s not afraid to mix it up and get physical, and that style of play is certainly going to result in lines occasionally being crossed. However, Delly did not go after Green’s knees in Game 3. He bumped Green in the hip/butt area. In fact, Green later praised Dellavedova’s tenacity.

But what about Game 5? Here’s the play people are talking about:

As you can see, Delly definitely took Green out by sweeping his leg out behind him as he fell down, but that’s just good Australian rules basketball. I don’t think he got anywhere near his knees.

But hey, what do I know? I’m just a sports blogger who’s never wrong.

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