Seahawks Fan Busted for Driving in Carpool Lane with Mannequin (Pic)

seahawks fan busted for using mannequin in carpool lane

Lots of us joke about putting a mannequin in our passenger seat so we can drive in the carpool lane. However, few actually do it. It’s not so much that we have a deep philosophical respect for the idea of carpool lanes, or for respecting the law. It’s that we don’t think it will actually work and don’t want to get busted.

On Friday, a Seattle Seahawks fan proved our fears correct. She was driving south in the high-occupancy vehicle lane of Interstate 5 in the Seattle suburb of Lynnwood when a state trooper named Mark Francis pulled her over for speeding.

As Francis approached the woman’s car, at first he thought he’d stopped a lady who was driving around with a dead guy—something he had encountered before. So he asked her, “What’s up with your passenger?” and she said, “Nothing.” Then he said, “Tell him or her to sit up,” and she said, “I can’t.”

That’s when he realized, yep, it was just a mannequin in a Seahawks hoodie and makeup.

Obviously, Trooper Francis was amused by the whole situation. However, he still had to give the woman two tickets—one for speeding, and one for riding in the carpool lane without a (real life) passenger.

Hat Tip – [Seattle Times]

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