Report: Sepp Blatter May Not Resign After All, Probably Just to Mess with Us

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Generally speaking, when an organization goes through the kind of public scandal FIFA has been going through these last few weeks, the person or people in charge of that organization resigns. However, FIFA is not a normal organization. When FIFA president Sepp Blatter actually did step down on June 2, just days after being re-elected, everyone was shocked. It was a very un-Blatter-like thing to do.

Now, un-resigning? That is a very Blatter-like thing to do. And according to Swiss newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag, that may actually happen.

The paper cited an unnamed source “close to Blatter” who said the embattled FIFA president received many messages of support from African and Asian football associations asking him to rethink his resignation. So he is.

The news jibes with a report from ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap back on June 5 that former FIFA advisor Michael Hershman wasn’t so sure Blatter would actually resign.

So why would Blatter resign, then un-resign? There are several possibilities, of course. Perhaps Blatter’s lawyers have gotten a better idea of the evidence American and Swiss authorities have against him, and perhaps he’s more confident that he can beat any charges. Or perhaps Blatter’s possible un-resignation has something to do with the resignation of Walter De Gregorio, FIFA’s director of communications and the most vocal proponent of a “fresh start” at FIFA.

Whatever’s going on, it’s probably pretty shady. It’s FIFA, after all.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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