Here’s the Stanley Cup Going Through Airport Security on Its Way to Chicago for Game 6 (Pics)

stanley cup goes through airport security

You know what I love about the NHL? It’s got a fancy trophy that hasn’t lost touch with its roots.

The Larry O’Brien Trophy, the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and the Commissioner’s Trophy probably all fly on fancy private jets to their respective championship games. But the Stanley Cup? Hell no, it doesn’t fly on a private jet. The Stanley Cup flies commercial. And it does not get any special treatment just because it’s incredibly famous. It has to go through airport security just like the rest of us.

Mind you, the Stanley Cup doesn’t have to suffer through the indignity of taking off its shoes (thanks a lot, shoe-bomber), because it’s an inanimate object that does not wear shoes. But it does have to be x-rayed and inspected.

Take a look at the Stanley Cup going through airport security:

Of course, pretty soon the Stanley Cup is going to be taking a pretty wild vacation the likes of which most of us have never experienced. So I guess it’s not just like you and me.

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