Watch Steph Curry Mean Mug Dellavedova Following a Three (GIF)

Steph Curry mean mug Matthew Dellavedova - NBA Finals Game 5

The pesky Matthew Dellavedova has been making life difficult for Steph Curry during the NBA Finals thus far, keeping the NBA MVP under 28 points through each of the first four games of the series.  But during Game 5 on Sunday, Curry broke out big-time, hitting seven 3-pointers and scoring a team-high 37 points during a 104-91 victory.

And he capped off his big performance in this crucial game with a shake-n-bake three-pointer over Dellavedova—which was followed by a Steph Curry mean mug.


That’s one mean mug he’s got there.

Hat Tip – [Vice Sports]

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