Brandon Spikes Listed His 2011 AFC Champ Ring for Sale on Ebay (Pic)

Brandon Spikes

Brandon Spikes‘ second stint with the New England Patriots was a short-lived one. Just a few months after being picked back up by the Super Bowl champs, he was released amid a drunk driving incident. Brandon Spikes has a history of speaking out against the club when he doesn’t get his way, but this most recent act goes a step beyond that.

The linebacker managed to score an AFC Championship with the team before dropping the big game to Eli Manning in 2011. As such, Spikes received a ring for the team’s accomplishment. That ring is now on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $19,499.

So much for sentimental value. The eBay listing can be found here, and though Spikes’ name isn’t mentioned in the listing, it’s pretty clear that it belongs to him, thanks to his number being on the side of the ring.

If $19,499 is too much to ask, you can always make an offer on the ring. Something tells me, with the vendetta he seems to carry against his former team, he’s a pretty motivated seller, and you could take home this tasteful piece of jewelry to wear to parties and board meetings.



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