China Coach Ejected from WWC Game for Grinding Up On New Zealand Player Like Some Kind of Subway Pervert (Video)

china coach hao wei ejected women's world cup

Remember when Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stepped out onto the field and obstructed the path of Jacoby Jones?

Well, this story is pretty much just like that. Only instead of the NFL it’s the Women’s World Cup, instead of Mike Tomlin it’s China coach Hao Wei, and instead of stepping in front of a player he got up on a player for a little bump and grind while she was trying to take a throw-in.

China only needed a draw against New Zealand in Monday’s Group A finale against New Zealand, and with the game tied 2-2 in extra time, they were desperately close to getting it. New Zealand, however, had other ideas. If they won and Canada beat Netherlands, they would have advanced. So they were trying for a goal in extra time and, thus, hurrying every throw-in.

That’s how this came about:

Inappropriate, Hao. Inappropriate.

At that point the referees could have given the China coach a red card, but they didn’t. Instead they just told him to GTFO.

Wei watched the rest of the game from the tunnel. He then came back out when it was over to shake the New Zealand coach’s hand, but he was having none of it.

And really, who could blame the guy? I wouldn’t want to shake his hand either. That was just weird.

Hat Tip – [Yahoo! Sports]

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