According to the Trailer, You’ll Be Able to Make Some Sick Odell Beckham Jr Catches in ‘Madden NFL 16’ (Video)

madden NFL 16 odell beckham jr catches

If the latest railer for Madden NFL 16 is to be believed, if for some insane reason you actually choose to play the game as the New York Giants, you will be able to make some pretty sick Odell Beckham Jr catches.

Beckham already made history as the youngest player ever to grace the cover of Madden, thanks mostly to his iconic three-fingered catch that was easily the greatest play of the 2014-15 NFL season. It makes total sense that his EA doppelgänger would be featured in a new trailer making a very similar catch.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, given the accuracy with which EA recreates NFL football, the rest of the virtual Giants are still going to suck. So if you want to make some sick Odell Beckham Jr catches, you’ll probably also have to suffer through a bunch of Eli Manning interceptions.

Or you could just pick a team that doesn’t suck and figure out a trade.

Actually, yeah, do that. There always seem to be a few glitches that help you make otherwise unfair trades.

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