This Security Footage of a Rented Lamborghini Wreck Is Crazy (Video)

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A few months back, a rented Lamborghini was found wrecked on the side of a Dallas toll road. It wasn’t hard to trace the renter who abandoned the car, but the public never knew EXACTLY what happened. Now that video of the collision has surfaced, we have a much better idea.

Without much context, it looks like the Lamborghini wreck was caused by speeding—the driver made a correction, which turned out to be an over correction, which sent him into the wall.

No word yet on the ID of the driver, or what kind of trouble they’re in for a) wrecking such a car, and b) abandoning it.

There was no serious damage to the driver, though I can’t say the same about his insurance rates, which will probably be sky-high going forward.

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