Renowned Bat-Flipper Yasiel Puig Breaks Bat Over Knee, Just for a Change of Pace (Video)

yasiel puig breaks bat

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that baseball is more interesting with Yasiel Puig.

Personally, I love him. If I were a Dodgers fan my feelings would probably be more mixed. I would probably love the way he plays baseball but worry that his antics might distract the team. But I’m not a Dodgers fan, so I don’t care if his antics distract the team.

Of course, Puig only returned from a lengthy stint on the disabled list on June 6, so the internet’s had a bit of a Puig-deficiency this season. Luckily he went 0-4 in a loss to the Rangers on Monday night, got mad, and did this:

Yasiel Puig breaks bat? Yep, I missed this guy. Bats are not what they used to be, of course. When Bo Jackson was snapping bats over his knee they were like 15 inches in diameter and made of solid ash. These days bats are made of maple and snap like twigs. But I like the passion. A fired up Puig is an entertaining Puig, one way or another.

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