Chile’s Arturo Vidal Smashes Ferrari, Charged With DUI (Pics + Videos)

Chile's Arturo Vidal crashes Ferrari 458

Chile is not only the host of the 2015 Copa America tournament, but they are also atop Group A at the moment with a win and a draw in their first two matches of the opening round.  Yes, things were looking quite good for La Roja…until last night, when Chilean star Arturo Vidal decided to go to the casino, drink some booze, and smash his Ferrari.

Now the Juventus midfielder is being charged with DUI after registering a BAC of 0.12 following his crash in Santiago. Thankfully, both he and his wife, who was in the passenger seat at the time, were not injured.

Here’s footage of the aftermath:

And here are diehard Chilean fans swarming the police car as it takes Vidal away:

Arturo Vidal was taken before a judge today, who decided to confiscate his driver’s license and demand that he visit a Chilean consulate in Milan on a monthly basis upon his return to Italy following the tournament.

And speaking of the tournament, the Chilean FA has decided to allow Vidal to continue playing in this year’s Copa America tourney, with Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli saying, “We shouldn’t exclude someone just because they made a mistake.”

Vidal also spoke to the media following his arrest, issuing the following statement:

“I had two drinks and then the accident, which you all know about. I endangered the life of my wife and that of many people. I am very sorry,” Vidal told reporters. “I am very ashamed. I want to thank all those who supported me during this time. I want to ask for forgiveness from my colleagues, the players, the coaches and the whole country. I will do my best so that we can be champions.”

You can watch his post-arrest press conference below:

And here are some images of the damage inflicted on Vidal’s Ferrari 458 Italia, which retails anywhere around $360,000 USD:

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