Poker Player Christian Pham Accidentally Registers for Game He’s Never Played, Wins Anyway

pro poker player christian pham wins tournament for game he doesn't play

Pro poker player Christian Pham intended to register for no-limit Texas Hold’em at the World Series of Poker last weekend. However, what he actually registered for by mistake was no-limit 2-7 draw lowball, a game he’s never even played.

It turned out to be a pretty fortuitous mistake. Pham went on and won the whole damn thing, beating 219 other players, including a few poker superstars, to take home an $81,314 prize and a coveted WSOP bracelet.

The goal in no-limit 2-7 draw lowball is basically to have the worst hand possible.

“It’s a totally different game,” said Shawn Harris, Pham’s dealer at the final table. “Different mindset. Different strategies.”

Pham says he didn’t even realize his mistake until he sat down at the table and was dealt five cards instead of the usual two. At that point he panicked. But a few other players helped him out by telling him what beat what.

“At first you suspect an act,” explained fellow player Chris Mecklin, who was sitting next to Pham at the first table. “But if it was [an act], it was very good.” At one point Pham had the best possible hand you can have in lowball—a two, thee, four, five, seven—but seemed confused when he won the hand.

After surviving the first day thanks to help from his competitors, Pham read up on the game that night. But he credits his tournament experience, knowing when to bet and how much, for the win.

The lesson for all you poker players out there? If some guy shows up and says he doesn’t know how to play, show no mercy. It’s probably a trap.

Hat Tip – [The Guardian]

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