Sounders’ Clint Dempsey Rips Refs’ Notebook, Gets Red Card (Video)

Clint Dempsey rip refs notebook

Even for those sports fans who aren’t up on their soccer, it’s pretty easy to imagine why it would be hard to win a match in which you only have 7 dudes on the field and the opponent has 11. If you’ve seen the stats in hockey on power plays, you’ll know that a one-man advantage is huge. Four is like you’re playing different sports. And it showed, as Portland held off Seattle with a 3-1 win during last night’s Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup fourth-round match.

The Sounders eventually found themselves down four men during the contest, with the most notable highlight being star Clint Dempsey taking an item (a card? Notebook?) from the ref’s hand and tearing it up. That’s gonna get ya a red card, Clint.

Here’s that video:

So that’s one ejection. Two other Sounders players were also ejected, and one was stretchered off with a chest injury. Yikes.

Hat Tip – [ProSoccerTalk]

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