J.R. Smith Exits NBA Finals Shamefully on His PhunkeeDuck (Video)


For those who haven’t been paying attention to the post-game goings-on of the NBA Finals, J.R. Smith, who has shown several new facets of his game in the playoffs, had taken to riding a tiny scooter on his way out of the building.

Last night, we saw J.R. Smith take one last mournful ride as the Cavs lost the series to the Warriors in Game 6. It’s hard to take a man seriously on a scooter, especially when he’s riding one in such a crowded, indoor place. But even from afar, we can feel J.R.’s pain. He hurts. He’s trying to scooter away from the sorrow.

Here’s the clip:

Normally, flashing lights aren’t the most dignified way to grieve, but we all do so in our own ways. So if J.R. Smith wants to be sad while collecting giant checks from the PhunkeeDuck corporation, then more power to him.

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