Here’s Michael Jordan’s Take On Being “The Best Player In The World” (Video)

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LeBron James was asked how confident he was is in his chances of winning the championship.  The Cavs’ star responded by saying he was still confident because he’s “the best player in the world.”

Some applauded James’ confidence (after all, he really is the best player, and maybe athlete, in the world right now), but most were critical of the cockiness and timing of LeBron’s statement.

And then there were those who were probably wondering, “What would Michael Jordan have done?”

Lucky for us, there’s an answer to that question.  You can check it out in the video up top, which features MJ talking about the “best player in the world” label during a press conference after his Chicago Bulls had just won the 1993 NBA Championship. And after that, you’ll find LeBron’s recent comments about being “the best player in the world.”

Compare, contrast, and let us know what you think.

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