Prostitute Named Throatzilla Says La’el Collins Didn’t Pay Her for Doing Something You Probably Don’t Want to Know About

la'el collins throatzilla escort scandal

Cowboys guard La’el Collins was cleared by police in the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, and the baby the woman was carrying was revealed to be not his. At this point it’s really not fair to hold that tragic situation against him.

That said, if I had just been cleared of the murder of my pregnant ex-girlfriend, and if that horrific situation has just cost me millions and millions of dollars because no NFL team would draft me, I’d probably be on my best behavior for a while. And my best behavior would probably not entail paying a prostitute named Throatzilla to do unspeakable things to my nether regions.

Unfortunately, that might not be La’el Collins’ idea of “best behavior.” This week a prostitute named Throatzilla got on Twitter and accused him of not paying her for sucking his you-know-what and eating his OH-MY-GOD-PLEASE-NO.

The Tweets have all been deleted, and Collins and his agent seem to have succeeded in getting Throatzilla’s Twitter account suspended. But nothing ever really goes away on the internet:

Of course, this proves absolutely nothing. However, if you go on over to Throatzilla’s Instagram, it seems pretty clear that she is in fact a prostitute who specializes in oral services. There are photos of emails she’s received from prospective clients, photos of flight itineraries for business trips, and a very link to a gallery of NSFW videos that show her doing her thing. So Throatzilla’s claim is definitely plausible.

The moral of this story? I’m going to let you figure that out on your own.

Hat Tip – [BSO]