Watch Steph Curry Give LeBron a Stone Cold Stunner (Video)

Steph Curry

These types of videos, the ones with the athletes’ heads superimposed on people, might be the dumbest, most lo-fi work we come across here at TPS, which is saying something. But that doesn’t change the fact that, when done well, they’re pretty amazingly funny—even if they’re not exactly highbrow content.

Here we’ve got Steph Curry taking on LeBron, then finishing him off with none other than the Stone Cold Stunner. The facial expressions are awesome, and so is the announcing. I’m not exactly asking for more of these, but I’m certainly enjoying this one.

You probably are curious about what this NBA Finals parody video (via Bleacher Report) looks like. Here you go:

Poor Dellavedova. He should have stayed where he was, drinking some coffee or something.

Next year, we’ll see if Steph can do that to Kevin Love and Kyrie.  Or maybe he’ll have an entirely new squad of people to drop some truth on.

Seriously, though, the thought of Steph Curry beating LeBron James in a wrestling match is pretty damn funny. I think the only way that could happen was if they allowed him to bite and scratch. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure LeBron’s taking a folding chair to Curry’s head.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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