Gilbert Arenas Is F***ing Serious About His Netflix…and His Ex-GF Trying to Get Custody of His Kids (Video)

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On Wednesday, legendary weirdo Gilbert Arenas posted a video on his Instagram that shows him smashing a luxury automobile with a cinder block.

Why? Because he got wind that TMZ was going to run the video, and he wanted to tell his side of the crazy story first.

So what is his side of the crazy story? In short, last March Arenas’ on-again, off-again girlfriend/baby mama, Laura Govan, came to his fancy California home, smashed 34 of its windows, and thew Agent Zero’s computer into the swimming pool. So he responded by smashing one of his cars with a cinder block to show her that he’ll break his own stuff before she breaks it.

What can I say? That’s #ArenasLogic.

But why was TMZ going to run the story over a year after the incident? According to Gilbert, Govan had recently lost a court ruling pertaining to the custody of their four kids, and she was now trying to smear his reputation.

The best part about this whole thing? In his Instagram post, Arenas jokes that the thing that upset him the most about that day last March wasn’t the destruction of personal property but the loss of his Netflix password, which was autosaved on his computer…or at least, I think he was joking. With Gilbert Arenas it can be hard to tell.

Check it out:

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Yep, that’s classic Arenas.

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