Jimmy Kimmel Sent Hannibal Buress To NBA Finals Game 5 (Video)

Hannibal Buress

Few comedians have more buzz around them right now than Hannibal Buress does. Realizing that, Jimmy Kimmel decided the best way to make use of his comedic talents was to send the man to Oakland for Game 5 of the NBA Finals with a camera, then stick him in some REALLY cheap seats.

The results were as inspired as the premise.

Mostly, it’s just long tracking shots of Hannibal Buress trying to find his seats, but that’s occasionally punctuated by people yelling “WARRIORS!” into his camera.

Needless to say, he’s a little salty throughout the whole thing.

Take a look at the video and at Hannibal’s awesome shirt:

Basically, Hannibal just moves around and talks like he’s being tortured the entire time. But he’s funny about it, because he’s Hannibal Buress.

Make a note, though: If you’re going to get him seats to a sporting event, even the NBA Finals, you better get him good seats, or none at all.

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