Can Someone Help This Nats Fan Out with His Poncho? (Video)

Nats Fan

Last night, as the Rays squared off against the Nationals, one brave Nats fan launched a fight of his own; the fight to figure out how to put this f*cking poncho on. It was raining (I guess?) so the fan sought refuge in one of those Saran Wrap ponchos that I assume stadiums give out, but I’ve never actually seen happen.

We don’t see how the struggle starts, but we see it go on. And on. And on. This man has a very difficult time finding the holes, before eventually just sort of sticking his head out of any opening. Eventually, after that, he gets it. As for the announcers, they aren’t too critical of the man’s poncho-wearing abilities, but they do keep coming back to him.

Here’s the whole affair, demonstrating that slow and steady wins the race—assuming that putting on a poncho is something that can be won.

If anyone needs help with their poncho, just ask this guy.

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