Old Man Tries to Take Golf Ball From Alligator, Pays the Price (Video)

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This old man must be one of those people who has always wanted to die doing what he loves.  And he must love golf.  Because it appears as though he was doing whatever he could to lose his life during his latest round on the links when he attempted to retrieve his golf ball from an alligator that had taken it.

What was his master plan for retrieving the ball?  Throw a towel over the gator’s eyes, jump on its back, and figure it out from there.

Obviously that didn’t work.  And before you know it, the only thing this old dude was left trying to figure out was how he could emerge from that swamp with his limbs still intact.

Here’s a tip for all you golfers out there: Unless you’re playing with balls made of gold, if a gator gets it, just let him have it.

And here’s another tip: Don’t play with golf balls made of gold.

Hat Tip to The Dude for the find.