Steve Ballmer Unveiled the New Clippers Logo on Conan (Video + Pics)

steve ballmer unveils new clippers logo on conan (new clippers uniforms)

The Los Angeles Clippers do not have an illustrious past. For most of the last 30 years, they’ve been the laughing stock of the NBA. Then there was the whole “Donald Sterling doesn’t want his girlfriend to hang out with black people” thing that hung over the franchise like a mushroom cloud.

However, the one thing they always had going for them was their uniforms. With their cursive wordmark and primary colors, in recent years they’d come to have a nice retro feel. And in the LOB City era, they’d become pretty popular with fans, too.

Unfortunately, Steve Ballmer decided he wanted to “turn a page” on the past when he bought the team last year, which means a new Clippers logo and new Clippers uniforms. And on Wednesday night, he went on Conan O’Brien and made the big reveal.

Then, just a few hours later, the rest of the Clippers’ new look went up on the team website. Take a look:

new clippers logo

new clippers logo wordmark

new clippers uniforms

new clippers logo hat

What’s my opinion? I’m glad you asked. I hate it!

Okay, that’s too harsh. I don’t hate everything. I actually really love the new LAC logo. I just hate the rest.

First of all, give me a break with the LAC logo inside the basketball. Is every team in the league now legally required to look like the Brooklyn Nets?

Then there’s the addition of black, which the team says “modernizes” the logo…which is stupid. In 20 years we’re going to look back on this era of sports uniforms and be like, “why the hell did every team randomly add black to their uniforms?”

And speaking of the uniforms, they’re not good either. Those two underlines beneath the cartoonish “Clippers” word mark on the white home unis are supposed to represent the horizon on the open ocean, harkening back to the team’s nautical roots. But what they really look like is the official NBA Playoffs logo. And maybe the road uniforms with the logo and number side-by-side will grow on me…but I seriously doubt it.

But hey, maybe I’m crazy. What do you think, internet?

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