Check Out This Steven Souza Little League Home Run, Brought to You by the Washington Nationals Defense, and by Rain (Video)

steven souza little league home run

On Wednesday night, Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Steven Souza hit a Little League home run against his former team, the Washington Nationals. And when I say Little League home run, I’m not talking a Little League World Series home run, like when one of those giant 12-year-olds hits 300-foot line drive with his aluminum bat. I’m talking about the kind of Little League the rest of us used to play, where almost any ball put in play resulted in a double because the kids had their gloves on their heads half the time.

In the top of the eight inning with the Rays up 3-0, one man on, two outs, and rain coming down in sheets, Souza laid down a bunt. It was a smart move, forcing the Nationals defense to execute a tough play in challenging conditions. And it worked better than Souza could have hoped, as the Nats threw the ball away not once but twice, allowing Souza to go all the way around.

Take a look:

It’s hard to blame Yunel Escobar for making the first throw. With two outs and the game not out of reach, he wanted to get the Nats out of the inning. But after his throw sailed way over Danny Espinosa‘s head, you gotta just put it in your pocket.

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