The U.S. Open Course is Very Dry, Very Hard, and Very Difficult, so Expect Lots of Whining (Pic)

u.s. open course chambers bay dry

This year’s U.S. Open course was a somewhat controversial pick right from the start.

Chambers Bay, located in University Place, Washington, just outside Seattle, is unlike any other U.S. Open course in the history of the event. Just seven yeas old, Chambers Bay is a links-style course like those used for the British Open. That means instead of soft narrow fairways, thick rough, and hard greens, Chambers Bay is hard all over with coarse fescue grass more suited for a bump and run game…except that, unlike traditional British links courses, Chambers Bay has extreme undulations and elevation changes.

Under the best conditions Chambers Bay is a very difficult course. But the course has not seen best conditions recently. It’s been very hot and dry in Seattle, so the course is extremely dry and, by all accounts, hard as a rock. That photo you see above? That’s the 5th hole last August versus the 5th hole this week.

In some places you can bounce a golf ball like a basketball:

In others places the ground is so hard it won’t even absorb water:

And anyone who can figure out where the fairways end and the green begin gets a prize:

u.s. open course greens

No, just kidding. Anyone who figures is out gets to paint a little dot there to let everyone else know:

Oh, and did I mention the greens are kinda fast?

Oooooookeeey….fast this week….

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So the U.S. Open course is going to be unforgiving. Expect to hear a lot of guys whining about it.

Hat Tip – [Business Insider]

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