Someone Keeps Screwing With Webb Simpson’s US Open Nameplate

Webb Simpson

Whoa! Looks like the golfers at the U.S. Open are getting a little rowdy! Well, rowdy by golfer standards.

Webb Simpson has entered the locker room on two occasions to find that his name plate has been changed. You can see the first one above. Sorta funny, sorta weird. I mean, it can’t be easy or cheap to have these things changed. And you’d think if someone did, the joke would either be funnier or meaner than this.

But by golf standards, this is probably a pretty sick burn, so we’ll have to enjoy this in context.

Here’s the first instance of locker room nameplate tampering:

…and the second:

Let’s hope he can put this invasion of privacy out of his mind for day one of the tourney today.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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