Bubba Watson Tantrum Suggests Golfer May Need to Lighten Up (Video)

bubba watson tantrum 2015 u.s. open

Bubba Watson always seemed like a really cool dude, what with the post-victory Waffle House selfies and the mini-golf on private jets. However, in the last year or so, we’ve started to see a side to Bubba that’s not so fun-loving. Apparently the guy has always had a pretty ugly temper, but the golf media didn’t talk about it much until an outburst at the 2014 PGA Championship left everyone sick and tired of putting up with his sh*t. Now we know about all sorts of mini Bubba blowups. (Read this if you’re looking for a longer read. It’s enlightening.)

I bring all this up because Bubba had a pretty rough time at the U.S. Open on Thursday. And once again, he let his frustrations boil over.

The course was playing really slow, which created a bit of a backup on the 18th hole, meaning Bubba (and everyone else) had to wait 30 minutes to tee off. So Bubba blamed the “pathetic unprofessional golf” when his shot (which wasn’t that bad) was not to his liking.

Check out this Bubba Watson tantrum:

I think Bubba should start doing yoga or something. Dude really needs to mellow out.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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