Doug Fister Loses, Then Finds, His Wedding Band on the Mound (Video)

Doug Fister

I guess when you’re pitching in a Major League Baseball game, your wedding ring can just “fall off.” Ha! Either Doug Fister was flirting with someone in the stands, or his hands were all caked with gunk to put some extra spin on the ball.

Whatever the reason, in the top of the 1st, Doug Fister took to the mound like he was panning for gold. It turns out that his wedding band had just slipped off, and fortunately, he was able to find it in short order.

Here’s the clip of the whole thing:

Well, I’m glad he was able to get that sorted out before we even knew what was what.

Doug Fister can continue to be married. Because, as I understand marriage, if someone else was to find the ring, like Rays pitcher Chris Archer, then I think that person would become married to Fister’s wife, which would just be awkward for everyone.

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