WTF? Herschel Walker Used to Play Russian Roulette? (Video)

Herschel Walker

In an interview on ESPN’s Highly Questionable yesterday, Herschel Walker spoke to the issue of mental illness in the NFL by saying that he had played Russian Roulette on several occasions when he was younger. While he was on the show to seemingly promote an MMA fight this weekend, the conversation veered towards his past, and the rage and despondency that he experienced earlier in his life.

The former star running back said that he would get so fired up as a function of working out that if a guest in his home challenged him, he would put a bullet in a revolver, and tell the guest to point it at him and pull the trigger. When the guest would, understandably, balk, Herschel Walker would put it to his own head and pull the trigger.

Here’s the video:

Almost as painful as Herschel sharing these details is watching the host, Dan Le Batard, try to get more info from him on the subject. In the piece, it doesn’t sound like Herschel fully realizes the weight of what he was doing, or he’s just really come to terms with it. I hope it’s the latter.

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