The New 76ers Uniforms May Not Be That New, But At Least They Do Not Suck (Pics)

new 76ers uniforms 1

On Wednesday night the Los Angeles Clippers unveiled their new logo and uniforms. On Thursday night it was the Philadelphia 76ers’ turn. And while the former went with a fairly significant overhaul, the latter opted for a relatively subtle tweak.

This may leave some 76ers fans hoping for a totally new look feeling a little disappointed. But take it from Clippers fans—a subtle positive change is way better than a drastic negative change. Cause man, those Clippers uniforms suck.

Of course, the Sixers had already released their new, ever-so-slightly updated primary logo:

new 76ers logo 1
So Thursday was all about the new 76ers uniforms:

new 76ers uniforms 2
new 76ers uniforms 5
new 76ers uniforms 4
new 76ers uniforms 3
new 76ers uniforms 6
Hard to find much to dislike in these classic designs. But if I had to, I’d complain about the alternate red road uniforms. They’re pretty boring for alternates. It would have been great if they could have made more use of the primary logo, or even their new secondary Ben Franklin logo, which is pretty kickass:

new 76es logo 2

But like I said, it could be worse. At least the Sixers didn’t pull a Clippers.

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