Tiger Woods Pokes Fun at Rickie Fowler’s Rough Opening Round at the US Open (Video)

Rickie Fowler

Give Tiger Woods credit for having a sense of humor. The sorta-fallen star had a really bad day to kick off the U.S. Open, shooting a ten-over 80 on the first day of the tourney. Only two guys did worse. But one of those guys was Rickie Fowler, which Tiger was quick to point out to the media. Rickie shot an 11-over.

I’m not sure that Rickie Fowler had the same sense of humor following his off day, but let’s hope he was able to take the ribbing in stride.

Here’s Tiger’s┬ápost-match slam on Rickie Fowler:

For the record, this was Tiger’s worst start ever to a U.S. Open, so let’s hope he’s able to not just kick Rickie’s butt, but a few others’ too so he can make this tourney a little more interesting than it was for him and his fans on day one.

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