The Warriors Were Poppin’ Bottles Wednesday Night…and One of Them Was a $10,000, 15-Liter Bottle of Luc Belaire Champagne (Pics)

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If you win a major professional sports championship these days, you have to go to a nightclub and consume a $10,000, 15-liter bottle of champagne. If you don’t, people will not believe you actually won.

The Mavericks did it in 2011, as did the Bruins. Then the Heat did it in 2012. The Seahawks did it in 2014. And of course the Patriots did it in 2015.

On Wednesday night, the Warriors did it. Or at least, Draymond Green, David Lee, and Festus Ezeli did. After getting back to the Bay area with the rest of the team, the trio hit up San Francisco’s Infusion Lounge and treated themselves to a 15-liter bottle of Luc Belaire champagne.

According to a Luc Belaire spokesperson, the 15-liter bottle is called “The Nebuchadnezzar”—awesome—and it usually goes for $10,000-$12,000 at nightclubs, which means it probably sells wholesale for like $500 or something. Nightclubs are total ripoffs.

Green, Lee, and Ezeli didn’t mind getting ripped off, though. And neither did all their new friends.

In fact, judging from the pics, it looks like eveyone enjoyed themselves quite thoroughly:

Fun times. Go Dubs.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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