Draymond Green Gets Weird, Slams Cavs at Parade (Video)

Draymond Green

Draymond Green used the red carpet following the Golden State Warriors parade to adopt a very shaky, goofy voice and twist the knife for the Cavs, reminding the world that, yes, they lost, and no, they weren’t at the parade. It didn’t seem mean spirited, but it did seem like something…odd.

Ok. I’ll say it. It’s the type of thing someone does when they’re high. Was Draymond Green high? I doubt it. But he was acting like it. So was Klay Thompson as well. Take a look:

Whoa. They’re crop dusting those guys with laughing gas or something. That’s not how coordinated, functioning adults act.

And it’s hard not to feel bad for the reporter, who has to sit there and fight the urge to rip the sunglasses off Draymond Green’s face to reveal his dilated red eyes.


Of course, this is probably par for the course at an event that featured another notable weirdo, Marshawn Lynch, hugging Draymond Green’s mom because she “talked real sh*t.”

What? Yes.

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