Tiger Woods Falls Over Retrieving a Ball at the U.S. Open (Video)

Tiger Woods

Poor Tiger Woods. He follows up his worst start ever at the U.S. Open by falling on his ass in the rough. Not the most dignified couple of days for the iconic golfer. He was walking backwards on a steep slope (never a great idea) when he lost his balance, fell over, and got his nice white glove all dirty.

Tough day.

As bad as the fall was, I’m not sure it was as humiliating as his stance was when he approached the ball. That’s a work of art.

Get LOW, Le Tigre!

I’m not sure what is next for Tiger Woods.

Wait. Yes I am. Bird poop. I’m guessing that seems about right, doesn’t it? The good news is that the bird poop isn’t imminent, because he missed the cut to play this weekend. So maybe he’ll be afforded a few clean days before getting sh*t on non-metaphorically.

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