A-Rod 3000th Hit Is A Homer (Video)

A-Rod 3000th hit homer

Alex Rodriguez has been public enemy #1 in the baseball world over the past couple of years, but he’s done anything and everything he can to change that this season.  And is seems to be working, as the Yankees slugger was cheered, not booed, after he drilled a home run off Justin Verlander on Friday for his 3,000th career hit.

Check it out:

With that, Alex Rodriguez becomes the 29th player to join the 3,000 hit club.  And while a home run is probably one of the best ways to reach such a milestone, it also means A-Rod won’t be keeping the ball as a memento.  That’s because Zack Hample, a 37-year-old who has caught over 8,000 baseballs, was also on the receiving end of this one. And he’s decided that he is not giving it back:

The Yanks would go on to beat the Tigers by a score of 7-2. So maybe A-Rod would have been better off just hitting a single for No. 3,000.

Ah well. Live and learn.

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