Aussie Rules Player KO’d Mid-Game by Punch (Video)

Aussie rules

As if we needed to be reminded of the dangers of Aussie Rules football, we’ve got another instance of a player getting pummeled mid-game.

Veteran Dean Cox was going up during a throw-in, and while he was heading up, he got punched in the head. It seems that by the time he landed, he’d already been knocked out, as he stayed down for long enough that a medical team had to find their way to him.

It warrants mentioning that Cox just announced his retirement from the game a week ago, with the distinction of being a six-time All Australia player. Not the farewell he was looking for, I’m sure. Anyway, this West Coast Eagles player does demonstrate the toughness of the sport, even if he would have preferred to do so without getting punched in the face.

This video shows the play that highlights the trespass nicely. It’s not hard to miss:

Yeah, it’s going to be hard for Tyrone Vickery to talk his way out of that one. I don’t know if they have some halfway house between jail and suspension for Aussie Rules players, but I’m thinking they should.

Of course, they probably went out and got drunk together moments after the game ended, like Aussies do.

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