Wes Welker’s Horse Wins $472,000 in English Race

Wes Welkers

You’d think after last year’s Kentucky Derby, Wes Welker would shy away from horse racing. The Oklahoma native was seen a bit out of sorts last year, tossing cash around. Later on, it was determined that he failed a drug test due to some molly (MDMA) he took at the affair.

However, the chemical romance at the Derby endeared Wes Welker even further to horses, because a horse he owns, Undrafted, won the Diamond Jubilee Stakes in England. The take was $472k.

Welker didn’t make the trip across the pond to see the event, but he sent his regards via Twitter.

This comes after the Derby affair AND an instance at Churchill Downs in which he was overpaid $15,000 and allowed to keep it. Thank God the guy finally caught a(nother) break.


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