Adrien Broner May Have Lost to Shawn Porter, But He’s Still the Undisputed Douchebag Champion of the World (Videos)

adrien broner douchebag

Not that long ago, Adrien Broner looked like the future of boxing. After beating Pauli Malignaggi in June 2013, Broner was 27-0 and in possession of the WBO Super Featherweight, WBC Lightweight, and WBA Welterweight titles.

However, when Broner lost to Marcos Maidana in December 2013, he missed his opportunity to challenge Floyd Mayweather. And since then he’s been more focused on being a world-class douchebag than a world-class boxer.

That’s not to say Broner wasn’t already a douchebag before he lost to Maidana. He had already made his douchebaggery very apparent on numerous occasions before that. But after the Maidana fight, Broner took things to another level, morphing from a general douchebag into a racist douchebag after the Carlos Molina fight, and a drunken douchebag after getting arrested for a DUI this past April.

On Saturday night in a non-title fight against Shawn Porter, Broner’s downward spiral continued. The guy looked like a clown from start to finish.

Here’s Broner dancing like a jackass during his introduction:

Here he is putting his glove in Porter’s face like a school bully taunting the class nerd:

Here he is throwing backward, no-look punches, for which he somehow did not get docked a point:

Here he is pushing down on Porter, for which he was docked a point:

And finally, after losing the fight in a unanimous decision, here is Broner still talking trash:

Man, what a douche.

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