Dustin Johnson May Have Choked at the U.S. Open, But at Least His Baby Is Really Adorable

dustin johnson choke

You’ve gotta feel bad for Dustin Johnson today.

The guy was on the verge of having one of the best first Father’s Days in the history of first Father’s Days when he stepped up to the tees at the 18th hole of the U.S. Open tied for the lead. Then, after his first two shots, Johnson was just a 15-foot eagle putt away from winning his first major.

Unfortunately, you probably know what happened next. Johnson missed the 15-foot eagle putt. Then his missed the five-foot birdie putt, handing Jordan Spieth his second major of the year.

It was absolutely heartbreaking. But hopefully Johnson was able to keep things in perspective.

Yes, he choked under pressure. Yes, he blew a golden opportunity to become a golf immortal by winning one of the most prestigious championships on earth. But his fiancée is still really, really hot.

And look at his chubby-cheeked baby just chilling on a private plane like a boss:

Or wearing a crazy fur hat and looking like an Ewok:

DJ still had plenty to be thankful for on his first Father’s Day.

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