Let The Rumors Begin: Dwyane Wade’s Dad Wears Cavs T-Shirt To Church (Pic)

Dwyane Wade's Dad Cavs T-Shirt

Let’s cut right to the chase: A photo has been making the rounds on the web today, with Dwyane Wade’s dad wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers t-shirt while speaking at some dude’s church:

Some believe that this is a sign.  Not a sign from God.  Just a sign that Dwyane Wade is headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason.

That’s one explanation for Dwyane Wade’s dad wearing a Cavs t-shirt.  Here’s another much more likely explanation, via a comment left by “o_parajon” on the Instagram post:

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, at the start of the Cavs vs GSW finals. During this time, Wade’s dad wore this shirt on stage at my brother’s church- Calvary Kendall. As he spoke, the ONLY thing mentioned about basketball was that he was rooting for the Cavs in the series- because of his relationship with Lebron. Nothing more.

There you have it, folks. Rumor squashed.

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