Jamaican Player Grabs a Selfie with Lionel Messi After Loss (Video)

Lionel Messi selfie Jamaican player

The Copa America is a very high-stakes tournament in which the countries of South and Central America duke it out to establish regional dominance in between World Cups. But even with all that competition, there’s still the ability to get starstruck when a player from a small Caribbean island gets to take the field against none other than Lionel Messi and Argentina.

So, it being 2015, Jamaica’s Deshorn Brown does what any adoring fan would do and snaps a quick selfie with the global soccer superstar:

It looks from the video like Lionel Messi was happy to indulge his opponent, probably because Argentina won 1-0. If it was a loss, I think you’d have to reconsider approaching him.

I’m thinking maybe they worked out an arrangement where, if Lionel Messi granted the selfie, then Deshorn Brown would add him to his LinkedIn and recommend him for corner kicks.

Oh, and for those who wanted to see the resulting image, they can do so below:

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