Junior Galette Video Show Saints Linebacker Beating a Woman with a Belt on Miami Beach (Video)

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A video has surfaced online that appears to show New Orleans Saint linebacker Junior Galette involved in a pretty nasty Miami beach brawl. And by “involved” I mean throwing haymakers and whipping a bunch of people—including one woman—with his belt.

The video, titled “Spring Break 2013 South Beach Brawl,” was actually posted on YouTube way back on March 25, 2013. However, it went unnoticed until recently.

The video begins with the man believed to be Galette fending off another man with his belt, striking him several times. Then a woman comes into the frame and challenges the beastmaster, only to take a whipping herself.

After that the man believed to be Galette goes away for a bit as the fight rages on. But he returns at the 1:18 mark to pull some people off each other and throw some more punches.

Of course, I say it only “appears” to be Galette because the guy’s lawyer insists it was not him in the video, so I cannot officially say with 100% certainty that it is him.

But unofficially? Yeah, it’s him. Take a look at this side-by-side and note the unique folds in the ears:

junior galette video

Then there’s this photo, which was posted to Galette’s Instagram (and later deleted) the day before the video was posted to YouTube:

Those are some pretty distinctive sunglasses, wouldn’t you say?

The Saints issued a statement saying they are aware of the video and have forwarded it to the NFL. While this situation is nothing like the one the league faced with Ray Rice last summer, it’s still ugly. Given that Galette had already been arrested for beating up a 22-year-old woman back in January, you can bet the league will eventually hand him a pretty lengthy suspension.

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