Partick Thistle FC’s New Mascot Is Made Out of Nightmares

Partick Thistle

When you’re a Scottish Premiere League team, as Partick Thistle FC is, you have to really work to get your name known outside your homeland.  Well, I have to say that they’ve done a good job of that after unveiling Kingsley, an asymmetrical monstrosity that looks like it will eat your soul, not unlike The Babadook or something.

We’ve got the Tweet announcing the deceptively-named Kingsley:

Then we’ve got a Tweet of Kingsley running around, moving like a murderous Picasso image or something:

And not only will he be on shirts (!), but Kingsley will also be in the crowd to make sure that no child ever makes the mistake of cheering for Partick Thistle FC ever again.

I guess we’re stuck with him, because we all know there’s no way to kill this thing once it’s created.

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